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Subscribe to a historical map discovery, restoration and framing

  • Search the archives for the most attractive map about your area of interest. The quick search from the public databases is free of charge!
  • Restore and clean the maps digitally.
  • Print and frame the map. See materials and options.
  • Additional services include transcription and translation of map texts (title, textual descriptions, annotations, place names…).

The price of one nicely framed wall map in size of 60x80 cm is about 100€ plus VAT. The cost of services is € 25 per hour plus VAT.

You can order already restored historical maps from AS Regio's webshop for wall maps.


Take contact:
Kalev Koppel
Ph. +372 515 9966

Triskelion O‹  Tšhtvere 18c-5, 51007 Tartu, Estonia.  Ph. +372 515 9966  info-at-triskelion.ee